Aqsa Conference

Sunday, February 25th
9 AM - 6 PM
DoubleTree Fullerton
General Admission:
Child (12 and under):

All ticket proceeds will be donated to Gaza.

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Al-Aqsa holds a significant status in the Islamic tradition, being the sacred land where all prophets prayed together—a place blessed and sanctified according to the Qur’an. In the face of the ongoing crisis in Gaza, many Muslims have struggled to understand how we should process the situation and respond to assist our brothers and sisters.

Join Kitaab Academy’s Aqsa Conference in Fullerton, California, as our esteemed guest speakers delve into crucial topics. During this event we will learn how to view the on-going situation in light of our faith. Additionally, we will explore the religious importance of the city and its surroundings, the historical factors that have led to the current situation, and engage in meaningful conversations about practical steps as Muslims living in America.

This full-day educational conference is a unique opportunity to deepen your understanding of Palestine. Your participation will not only contribute to knowledge but also support a meaningful cause as all proceeds will be donated to Gaza.


Shaykh Furhan Zubairi

Dean of IOK Seminary & Author

Dr. Hatem Bazian

Co-Founder of Zaytuna and Professor at UC Berkeley

Dr. Osman Umarji

Director at Yaqeen Institute & Professor at UC Irvine

Ustadh Thomas Alameddine

Educator at IOK & Community Speaker

Imam Marc Manley

Religious Director at Middle Ground & Imam

Ustadh Saheb Ashrafi

Community Leader & Speaker

Dr. Sammy Mehtar

Stanford Physician & Conflict Zone Expert

Ustadh Afraz Khan

Community Leader & Activist

Ali Mir

Emcee & Talk Show Host


9:30-9:45 AM
Welcome Address | Ali Mir
9:45-9:50 AM
Qur'an Recitation | Ustadh Saheb Ashrafi
9:50-10:20 AM
Islamic Significance of Palestine | Ustadh Saheb Ashrafi
10:20-11:00 AM
Gaza in Light of Faith | Ustadh Thomas Alameddine
11:00-11:35 AM
Practical Solutions to Liberation | Dr. Osman Umarji
11:35-1:30 PM
Lunch Break & Dhuhr Prayer
1:30-2:00 PM
Nasheed Performance | Ahbab Al-Habib
2:00-2:30 PM
Advocating for Palestine | Ustadh Afraz Khan
Prophetic Wisdom for Palestine | Sh. Furhan Zubairi
2:55-3:10 PM
Lessons From Revolutionary Movements | Anika Tasnim
3:10-3:20 PM
Cal Poly Pomona SJP | Students
3:20-3:50 PM
Asr Prayer & Break
3:50-4:00 PM
Islamic Relief | Amr Riched
4:00-4:35 PM
Israeli Propaganda & Western Hypocrisy | Imam Marc Manley
4:35-5:10 PM
Healthcare Crisis of Gaza | Dr. Sammy Mehtar
5:10-5:40 PM
Decolonization of Palestine | Dr. Hatem Bazian
5:40-6:00 PM
Maghrib Prayer & Dua

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All proceeds will be donated to Gaza.

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