Truthfully, this class was one of the best experiences I’ve had not just in learning but in life. Being able to study a subject matter for the sole sake of Allah and doing so with a teacher who cares deeply about his students’ akhira made the class the highlight of my week. While the material may not seem glamorous at first, the richness it brings to your life as a whole is immeasurable.
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Yanna Gong
Associate Director, Toast
One concern I had going into this class is if I'll have the energy to sit through an hour and a half of class after a long day at work. The answer is yes. The class is actually pretty fun and engaging because it's just a short lecture where you can interrupt anytime with questions and then group work where we get to practice while the teacher comes around to check in on us every few minutes. I literally cannot praise this class enough.
Omar Abdelaziz
Product Manager, Google
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The lessons allowed me to gain a new appreciation for the Quran and Alhamdulillah has allowed me to read better than I ever have. The flexibility in scheduling and frequency was also a huge advantage, allowing me to learn at my own pace given my busy and sometimes unpredictable schedule. Learning from a teacher with such deep knowledge enhanced my connection with the Quran. I highly recommend Kitaab Academy for its knowledgeable teachers, personalized approach, and accommodating nature.
Omar Raza
Software Engineer, Salesforce
Kitaab Academy's course fit perfectly into my busy schedule. The curriculum is structured very nicely and the group work helped me engage with the material a lot more than traditional lecture-based classes. The worksheets are thorough and if students put in the work, they will definitely see positive results! I recommend this academy to all my friends who are working professionals and want to advance their understanding of Quranic Arabic.
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Salma Saifuddin
Medical Student
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A year ago, my friend recommended this class to me. I made the intention to begin my Arabic journey, knowing that I will be able to make time if I prioritize it. It has been one of the best decisions I’ve made. The live classes hold me accountable and keep my motivation high. The small class size allows for personalized attention and effective learning. I have learned to truly appreciate the depth and beauty of the Arabic language, and have felt my connection to the book of Allah grow stronger.
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Manaal Joyo-Mukhtar
UX Designer
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